SketchBook Ink

Let me tell you about one of my favorite drawing apps for the iPad. While it's bittersweet to bemoan apps that just cannot find a place in my heart, I love to celebrate the ones that I can somehow accept despite the glaring, painful flaws. SketchBook Ink is one of those, boasting the same Autodesk flawed brand of mobile spit shine that offers a unique drawing experience that Procreate, ArtRage, or Paper can't quite emulate. Only Adobe Ideas practices the same bold line execution but SketchBook Ink has a better streamlined interface which feels more like a free spirited tool. iPad artists looking for something new and interesting should read onwards to see if they want to get Inked.

Pot of Legend

I’m succumbing to an addictive and very strange game for iOS (and it’s NOT Flappy Bird.) As I’m writing this, I’m popping my hand up every five seconds to swipe my hand across my iPads screen like some sort of servant. The name of the game is Pot of Legend, and I’m deeply concerned over my own wellbeing. Stranger yet? It’s NOT asking me for a single dollar.

Tweetbot 3

Of all the Twitter apps on the iPhone (and there are quite a few) I have fallen for Tweetbots simplicity to be downright addictive. Although I can't speak for Twitterific which I hear many lovely things about, many if not all other Twitter apps have steered me the wrong way and that includes the official app. When I heard that they released Tweetbot 3 I was thrilled, until I learned that I had to cough up more money for nearly the same app.

Head to Head: Drafts vs. iA Writer

Word processing for iOS is a bountiful well of possibilities with a lot of variety. During the day when you're out and about, it's easy to pull out your iPhone or iPad Mini to do a little bit of creative and productive writing during those small pockets of time. Many apps are thrown out there in this department like Evernote, Byword, My Writing Spot, Write 2 or Apples own Pages. While these are all valid options, I find that the best of the bunch that are the most effective is Drafts and iA Writer. But the real question is which one deserves your hard earned money more?

Procreate! What's Great? What Could Be Better?

I LOVE Procreate for the iPad. I love the way it works, how quick it runs and it's the PRIME example of what apps of this caliber should be striving for. I've stopped buying others to test against it other than the main ones when they go on sale. So why do I choose to open Procreate and keep using it rather than expanding my horizons to check out what the competitions doing? Here is a complete breakdown of my thoughts on Procreate, point for point and tit for tat where it shines the most, can use a little polish and where it stands up against every art app on the market.